تحميل كتاب Thank you my friends Pdf تأليف Ämël Gūrefyï

تحميل كتاب Thank you my friends Pdf تأليف Ämël Gūrefyï

 قراءة و تحميل كتاب Thank you my friends Pdf تأليف Ämël Gūrefyï

     الكتاب:   Thank you my friends
    إشراف :  Ämël Gūrefyï
     تأليف:   مجموعة مؤلفين
     عدد الصفحات: 28
     القسم:  خواطر ومنوعات 
     نوع الملف: Pdf
     حجم الملف: 612 كيلو بايت
     عدد التحميلات : 42

 نبذة عن كتاب Thank you  my friends:

Don't be a friend by name, just be a good friend, check the status of your friend with God, with the Qur'an, with prayer, with fasting, with on ,remembrance, encourage her to cover up chastity, on piety , on modesty, see her count If there are posts that anger God, encourage her to Delete it, be a good friend so that your company ends with you to heaven. This is the true friendship and there is no good in a friend the fire of hell.Friendship who plunges you into and love: it does not need vows, conditions and reasons, it only needs two people, one who trusts and another who fulfills, so do not look for love, but look for trust that is not shaken. by the storms of the world. If you have a share in this world, it will be in good company So the person who leads you to a lot of sins sement in the pleasures of this world and amu will reap nothing but misery and turmoil with him. There is no good in his company, and you .will not find comfort and silence with him. There is no point in it that attracts pessimism and harm, no less or more Rather, the friend: He is an honest companion, who with you to do and acts of obedience. And when he does not need you for it, and supports you to achieve your dreams t of some and does not belittle you or in fron people, that people take advantage of you through your people, so the person you accompany is not only representing himself , but has an impact on you and the society's view of .you, so half of life is a friend riend who How wonderful it is to have a boyf !...makes life easy for you with its course

بعض المقتطفات من كتاب Thank you my friends:

- " We often hear about friendship and hear that a friend tight time but it is difficult to find these meanings in a friend."

- " This has been the phrase accompanied by inscription to the heart of the drawing color of blue ink."

- " O friendship promises not Takzli and crying eyes far distance to see the sister and best friend Habiba called for the feelings of sincerity and good thinking of the conditions of some."

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