تحميل كتاب Different sides تأليف مجموعة مؤلفين تحت إشراف ايمان عميرو / حمدي أريج- مكتبة خطوتي

تحميل كتاب Different sides تأليف مجموعة مؤلفين تحت إشراف ايمان عميرو / حمدي أريج- مكتبة خطوتي

 كتاب Different sides تأليف مجموعة مؤلفين تحت إشراف ايمان عميرو / أريج حمدي- مكتبة خطوتي

To everyone who felt frustrated! To  everyone who walked alone in the dark
 To all who lost their hopes ! To everyone who was disappointed! To everyone who broke his heart! Everyone who bled and hid his pain and grieved himself and walked towards the heights.. to those who hoped for the best from us In short, we dedicate these words to every soul that has exhausted and lost its energy

لمحة عن الكتاب:

A lot of us have a dark fear in their lives that science and specifically psychology call it "Phobia", and today in our society phobia doesn't only concern stuffs, some men are abusing their wives, daughters, mothers they became like a phobia; some of us are scared of darkness, shadows, circles, highs, insects and others of cats

"Nyctophobia" or called fear of darkness used to be my phobia, but not anymore I moved over it and it just took me a few time, a lot of strength and courage, I was afraid when my mom turns off the light and announcing that it's time to close eyes and start dreaming that's what most of kids did, however that was the beginning of my suffer I always imagined that angry mad ogres are coming to eat my toes and to torture me, sometimes even lost my breaths because my imagination was telling me that the bad guy with horns is suffocating me, I didn't know how to deal with this matter especially that none of my parents believed me, I was like that stupide kid who's afraid of her own shadow, it felt like I was living in a nightmare every night with a new monster who's ready to kill me, however one day I decided to put an end to my misery, I am no slave to no one, I am a warrior that's what I was kept telling myself to kill my demons, first night i was turning the light on after my mom's left, second night staying up all night and waiting for: my monsters than slowly I started setting in dark places at home to get use to darkness and when the fifth night came I just slept like a baby and I realized that my imagination has finally turned buy my side, reading Quran helped me as well as counting sheeps it didn't took lots of time but it taught me that our fears are our worst enemies, since then I start facing all my problems and at same time I became braver.

مقتطفات من كتاب Different sides:

"We wish we could forget everything we went through in our lifes.We wish we laughed and never crie again..If we are always happy and never sad..If we forget and don't remember..If we advance and "never go back

" I'm so tired of always being strong, pretending to be strong. Even though I burn from the inside tears dry from my eyes, every night the but I have to pretend to be strong "

" Why! Why! I go through all this torment. What did I do to deserve this? I really didn't do anything. I just wanted to live the life I deserve. A beautiful and quiet life."

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